Safety & Quality Above All

At SofTap we prioritize manufacturing products that are safe for clients and professionals, while still optimizing the quality of our pigments and needles.

Ingredients for pigments are chosen carefully, to minimize the risk of allergic reactions, infection, migration and to maximize retention, color stability, and skin health.

Needles are pre-sterilized & one-time use; each configuration is equipped with our patented design for even implantation, maximum comfort, and minimal skin trauma.

We strive to provide the very best permanent cosmetic products, training and results for all.

  • Family Owned & Operated

    SofTap is a family business that has spanned generations and includes our trainers, artists, and clients. We care about our SofTap family like our own which is why we always strive to be humble, honest, and helpful.

  • Wholesome Products

    SofTap prioritizes safety and quality in our products. We have always carefully chosen ingredients and materials that we would want used on ourselves and our loved ones and strive to use sustainable materials and practices.

  • Endless Support

    Whether you're a client, a student, or an artist, we're always here for you. We're only a call, email, or text away from answering your questions or providing additional help.

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