A culmination of over 35 years of industry expertise, to bring the next generation of pmu artists a new, high-performance pigment line.

The Iconic SofTap pigment line embodies everything cherished about our classic colors while delivering all desired qualities in permanent makeup pigments.

Enhanced retention, stable fading, gentle application on the skin, natural-looking healed results, ease of use, and optimal safety define our expertly formulated pigments.

Developed with over 35 years of extensive knowledge, research, industry feedback, and meticulous production processes; Iconic SofTap pigments set a new standard.

We've achieved a more stable pigment through proprietary methods while maintaining iron oxides as the base colorants. This decision reflects our unwavering commitment to safety—iron oxides are non-toxic, provide consistent permanence, and offer the most natural hues.

Like all SofTap pigments, the Iconic SofTap line is compliant with EU, and US standards.

Iconic SofTap pigments proudly feature a high pigment load and silky consistency without unnecessary additives—no plastics, fillers, sulfates, parabens, carbon, or dyes.

Our simple formulation is crafted with utmost care, following strict production protocols where every batch undergoes thorough testing before reaching our customers.

With the Iconic SofTap pigment line, you can trust in both the quality of our products and our dedication to safety and performance in permanent makeup.


Staying Power

Achieving exceptional retention after just one appointment has been our primary focus.

While leveraging key components from SofTap's original pigment line, we've meticulously crafted a professional-grade product that truly adheres, significantly reducing application time, minimizing touch-ups, and delivering stunning, natural-looking permanent makeup after a single session.



The manufacturing process behind the Iconic SofTap pigment line is intricately designed—where quality ingredients are just the beginning.

Why did we choose such a demanding path?

For the sake of enduring results.

Through our meticulous processing, we've successfully developed a pigment line with hues that maintain exceptional stability over extended periods.



SofTap's Iconic pigment line harnesses a blend of gentle yet potent ingredients to soothe and hydrate the skin throughout the entire permanent makeup procedure.

Our innovative approach aims to transform the process of permanent cosmetics into a dual-purpose experience—effectively implanting pigment with utmost gentleness while infusing the skin with beneficial nutrients at a deeper level.

By excluding harsh and irritating ingredients from our pigments, we not only prioritize skin comfort but also minimize healing time and enhance pigment retention. Iconic SofTap pigments aim to ensure that every application is not only beautiful but also contributes to healthier, more nourished skin in the long term.



At SofTap, prioritizing the use of safe ingredients isn't just a commitment—it's our highest priority.

Each ingredient undergoes meticulous research, rigorous scrutiny for toxicity, and thorough compliance checks. We consider their long-term effects extensively, ensuring that every color formulation instills confidence in us to apply on our clients, our loved ones, and ourselves.

Keeping it


We love the "no-makeup" look.

The classic SofTap & new Iconic SofTap pigments utilize inorganic colorants (iron oxides), for their earthen hues that are best suited to enhance your natural beauty.

Paired with the gentle SofTap tools and techniques, pigment can be implanted as soft as a whisper, or as bold as pencil - truly ideal for professional pmu artists.

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