More Than Makeup

It is sometimes surprising to learn that SofTap is not limited to permanent makeup; pigmentation goes beyond enhancing beauty and into restorative healing for those that have lost a piece of themselves.

No job is too small, nothing too "insignificant." What matters to you also matters to us, we are part of your journey, and you, a part of the SofTap family.

Advanced Procedures

If you have had any form of breast surgery (cancer removal, breast augmentation) that has disfigured the nipple area, come in and see a SofTap professional specializing in areola treatments. We can re-pigment your areolas and camouflage scars to make your breasts appear more natural.
Even if you haven't had surgery, but want to enhance or change the color of your natural nipples, come in for a consultation to see what SofTap® can do for you.
When done with the hand method, your areolas will appear soft and feathered, just like real nipples.

Checkout our New YouTube channel to view a demo of how the procedure is done:


  • Scars

    Old injuries, burn scars, surgery scars, and so much more, can be camouflaged through the hands of a trained professional.

  • 3D Areola

    Breast cancer survivors are often left with deep scarring and sometimes even removal of the areola.

    SofTap artists can give survivors a piece of themselves back with a 3D Areola procedure.

  • SMP

    Scalp micropigmentation is a way for men and women to regain the look of fullness.

    A subtle pointillism technique creates a dramatic impact for those with thinning hair or total hair loss.

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Changing Lives

Procedures outside the normal scope of permanent cosmetics are special.

Helping others heal from their physical traumas inspires many artists to expand their services into the world of paramedical tattooing.

The gentle, intimate care that the hand method offers is ideal for often sensitive and emotional procedures. SofTap can help provide the necessary tools to successfully restore what once was for each and every unique case.

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