Post Treatment for Lips

Post Treatment Instructions for Lips

1. As with all other procedures, stay out of the sun!

2. Lips will feel swollen and dry after the procedure. The duration of overall dryness varies between clients. Minimize dryness as much as possible by using your RecoverAll post treatment ointment.

3. Apply RecoverAll to your lips whenever they feel with a clean cotton swab. NOT your fingers, this may cause a secondary infection.

4. For just the first 72 hours following your procedure, we strongly advise you to only brush your teeth with water, toothpaste may irritate your lips and interfere with the healing process.

5. Do not use any beauty or facial creams on your lips.

6. Be gentle with your lips for the next few days, they will be prone to dryness and swelling (due to some natural formation of collagen after the procedure), and may crack easily. We suggest that extra care be taken while eating, drinking, kissing, etcetera during the healing process to prevent any damage to your lips. Acidic, oily, salty foods and alcohol may sting to consume until your lips are fully healed—avoid them if you can. You may drink all liquids through a straw during the first 72 hours.

7. Avoid swimming pools and tanning beds for two weeks after the procedure.

8. If you have ever broken out with a cold sore at anytime of your life, you carry a herpes virus, which can sometimes manifest itself in the form of a fever blister. Fever blisters may occur on the lips following lip procedures in individuals prone to this problem. In order to prevent this, you should obtain a prescription and take as prescribed by your doctor. L-Lysine, an over the counter amino acid, has also been taken in order to help avoid this outbreak, but always check with your physician.

9. Lip color retention varies widely between clients. Factors such as genetics, sun exposure/damage, lip tissue health, scar tissue, fever blisters, and implants may impact color retention. Be sure to schedule your lip touch up 30-45 days following your procedure to maximize color retention.