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Kit: Eyebrow Color Correction Training

Kit: Eyebrow Color Correction Training


Eyebrow Color Correction Class
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Our SofTap Eyebrow Color Correction Training!
(also available at

You have 3 options to purchase:

Option 1. Get the kit only. 

Use this kit to practice mixing pigments to learn how color works and responds to being mixed with different palettes.


  • Pigments in sample containers: 327-Cool-it, 328-Orange Aid, 329-Lime Aid, 330-Lemon Aid, 190-Peaches N Cream, 110-Milk Chocolate, 040-Cappuccino, 760-Brown Sugar
  • Laminated SofTap sheet (you may use a plate as an alternative if you’d like)
  • Microbrush dispenser (with at least 20 microbrushes)
  • 20 cotton swabs
  • Printed swatch sheets (downloadable in “Mixing Exercises” section)

Option 2. Get the Class only. (Great option if you already have supplies on -hand to complete your practice exercises)

Receive codes through your email to access your online courses at; classes included:

Eyebrow Color Correction CLass

Option 3. Get the kit and the classes together.

Options 1 & 2 together!


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