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14 Prong Curve

14 Prong Curve


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This needle was the very first curved hand tool on the market for eyebrows. Originally used for tapping curved strokes, the 14 curve was introduced in 1992 by SofTap at Cosmoprof Hong Kong. It's intended use was for tapping hairs, but beautifully, this was lost in translation and attendees began to use this tool to stroke hairs backwards.

Fast forward to 2014--where this "backwards" technique was refined into the method we know today as microblading. This is why most needles used for microblading have a curved edge, because the original tool was curved.

The 14 is a very useful tool and can be used for both microblading and shading on thicker skin types. It creates coarse hairs when used for microblading. For finer hairs, see the 16 curve or 17 nano. Each of these needles accommodates thin and thick areas of brows by turning your hand as you work. Give your clients hairstrokes, soft fills, or solid fills with any curved needle.

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