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328 - Orange Aid

328 - Orange Aid


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This color is best for neutralizing blue or gray eyebrows. Highly pigmented and opaque for excellent corrective power. Saturate gray or blue brows with this color and then apply a warm brown like Caramel, Milk Chocolate, or Bordeaux to get a nice warm healed color. Stronger grays/blues might need multiple applications of Orange Aid to see great results.

Other Uses for Orange Aid:

  • You can add it to any light eyebrow color to warm it up. Be careful, it doesn't work on dark colors--if you add it to dark colors then it will lighten and warm them at the same time. To warm up darker colors without making them lighter, add some Peaches N' Cream instead.
  • Add a drop of Orange Aid to any lip color for extra "insurance" against strong blue undertones.

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