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Kit: 3D Areola Training

Kit: 3D Areola Training


3D Areola Training
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3D Areola Training

Our 3D Areola Training online Course (also available at, Kit, or Course + Kit!


You have 3 options to purchase:


Option 1. Get the kit only. 

Kit Includes:


1 - 690: Toffee Treat

1 - 670: Rum Shadow

1 - 695: Rise & Shine

Needles (1 of each):

1 - 3

1 - 6f

1 - 8

1 - 17us

1 - 52

1 - 87


6 - Click sticks

Other Supplies:

1 - Practice pad (blank)

1 - surgical skin marker

1 - microbrush xfine samples

1 - sweetheart ring sample

1 - areola stencil

1 - SofTap kit box for storage

Not included in kit, but required to complete exercises:

* Water

* Wet wipes or baby wipes

* Pen or pencil

* Optional: Sharpie to write on/label practice needles

The pigments included in this kit may be used for actual procedures on live clients as long as you do not cross contaminate the tube while following along with the practice exercises. Use your standard work practices while doing practice work.


Option 2. Get the classes only. (Great option if you already have supplies on -hand to complete your practice exercises)

Receive codes through your email to access your online courses at; classes included:

3D Areola Course

Option 3. Get the kit and the classes together.

Options 1 & 2 together!

NOTE: Cups are SMALL, and needles are SHARP! Please keep your permanent cosmetic supplies out of reach of children and pets, and put them away up high while not in use.

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