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Kit: Cocktayl Skin Energizing

Kit: Cocktayl Skin Energizing


Cocktayl Energizing Kit
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Start tapping to energize the skin with SofTap! Address skin changes following PMU or removal and treat minor skin issues. With the Cocktayl System you can:

Lighten hyper pigmentation from PMU removal

Improve redness/uneven skin tone from PMU removalHelp fade iron oxide residue

Revise scars

Improve dented skin

Refine rough skin

Improve uneven skin tone

Trace and erase wrinkles

Stimulate the scalp

Choose between a 3 treatment kit or a 6 treatment kit.

Each mini kit includes:

Cocktayl Wrinkle Serum
BlockAid OTC Topical Anesthetic
3-6x of the 14 curve
3-6x of the 15ss
3-6x of the 18r
3-6x of the 20us
12-24 click stick handles
Storage box

Information card with needle recommendations

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